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Updated:31 March, 2021

Grand Theft Auto V: The Manual 2021

Grand Theft Auto V, released in January of this year, is one of the biggest selling games of all time. The reason for its success is that it is a ground breaking open-world game, where the player takes control of a professional thief.

The player is allowed to choose a character and start his or her adventure in an honest job (as a cop) or a shady profession (as a thief). There are many different ways to ‘gress,’ through different districts of the game. For example, one method is to simply pick the lock, causing a clerk to rush off to the bank to get money before the alarm can be tripped, and thus permitting the player to enter. Other methods include breaking the window of a store or car, which will cause the shop clerks to pursue the target, and if the target manages to escape, the player can steal the merchandise.

Grand Theft Auto V, like many other Grand Theft Auto games, is highly realistic, with many different scenarios in which the game could take place. It is, for example, possible to become a hit man, hijack a plane, or even engage in massive street battle with hundreds of opponents. It is possible to buy upgrades for weapons, vehicles, and clothing which improve the difficulty level and allow the player to move stealthily through crowds of opponents. There are also many heists which involve stealing cars or trucks, or holdingup larger scale battles in a city. The heists do not always involve a good deal of planning, as some require only breaking windows or attacking a few civilians at a time.

Like the original Grand Theft Auto, the newest game has no story, but instead, involves the players taking command of the story by performing tasks throughout the city and taking down criminals. Unlike other Grand Theft Auto games, in Grand Theft Auto V, the player is not limited to specific locations and storyline, and there are no fixed camera angles, unlike in previous titles. The players are free to run around and visit all the different areas of the city. The use of a vehicle plays a major role in this game, as using a vehicle will allow the player to quickly move through many different types of traffic, as well as swerving between them, to eliminate rivals and escape undetected.

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